Monday, July 14, 2008

My Journey Here

Journey to here&First day of Queenswood

July 12 I took a plane to come to England from Korea. It took 12hours to come here, and I was very tired about it. When i arrived here it was 4:45pm, my friend and i started to find our bag and we met Benn(I can't remember his name) to go to Queenswood. when i arrived at Queenswood, everyone was going to the Disco. I didn't go there because i didn't like that sort of things. After everyone had finished disco we had a meeting for the thorope park, and after that we went to bed.

On sunday, most of the students went to amusement park.however me and my friends did activities instead of park, because we were not in Queenswood when student's sign up the sheet.The first activity was computer, the computer that I was going to use was not working so I used with my friends.

After the computer we had a break and went to the next activity,tennis. I played tennis before, but my friend never played tennis. When I gave him a ball he heat it so hard that we have to spend all of our time run and pick up the ball.

The last activity was football. There were lots of people on the field, because the student's who went to the park was back at that time. Also I had a horrible game, the field was wet and also I didn't my soccer shoes from Korea.

It was tired day but I think I had a good time in here.

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