Monday, July 28, 2008

My Weekend

My Weekend

This weekend was pretty sad weekend because lot's of people include my friends leave Queenswood. 116 people leave Queenswood and 80 people is now at Queenswood, It feels like it's very empty here. Bath was very boring and there is nothing to say about it. On sunday I went to the Thorope park, but there was lot's of problem when we were at the Thrope park.

First the office didn't send a fax to Thorope park so that we have to wait 1hours for the ticket, also we don't have enough ticket so that one AO has to be at outside. When we get into the queue of stelth(the biggest rollercoaster in the Thrope park) the manager of the Stelth said that there is a technical problem so that we can't ride stealth. But beside this Thorope park was pretty interesting anad I had a fun time.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Isaac Levitan

Isaac Ilyich LevitanAugust 30, 1860 - July 22 August 4 new style, 1900Was a classical Russian landscape painter who advanced the genre of the mood landscape.Isaac Levitan was born in a shtetl of Kybartai, Kaunas region, Lithuania, into a poor but educated Jewish family. His father Elyashiv Levitan was the son of a rabbi, completed a Yeshiva and was self-educated. He taught German and French in Kaunas and later worked as a translator at a railway bridge construction for a French building company. At the beginning of 1870 the Levitan family moved to Moscow.In September 1873, Isaac Levitan entered the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture where his older brother Avel had already studied for two years. After a year in the copying class Isaac transferred into a naturalistic class, and soon thereafter into a landscape class. Levitan's teachers were the famous Savrasov, V.G. Perov and V.D. Polenov. For his successes at school, Levitan was awarded a box of paints and two dozen brushes.[citation needed]In 1875, his mother died, and his father fell seriously ill and became unable to support four children; he died in 1879. The family slipped into abject poverty. As patronage for Levitan's talent and achievements and to keep him in the school, he was given a scholarship.
This picture describes the width Russian nature, shows only advantages, the deep of colours.


My Weekend

Last Saturday we went to the Oxford Street for shopping. In the Oxford Street where was a big Nike store called NIKETOWN. It was 3floor building with all the Nikes, and it was my favourite part of week, becasue my friend and I bought a football for playing football. Also I bought a t-shirt with Manchaster United logo on it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Journey Here

Journey to here&First day of Queenswood

July 12 I took a plane to come to England from Korea. It took 12hours to come here, and I was very tired about it. When i arrived here it was 4:45pm, my friend and i started to find our bag and we met Benn(I can't remember his name) to go to Queenswood. when i arrived at Queenswood, everyone was going to the Disco. I didn't go there because i didn't like that sort of things. After everyone had finished disco we had a meeting for the thorope park, and after that we went to bed.

On sunday, most of the students went to amusement park.however me and my friends did activities instead of park, because we were not in Queenswood when student's sign up the sheet.The first activity was computer, the computer that I was going to use was not working so I used with my friends.

After the computer we had a break and went to the next activity,tennis. I played tennis before, but my friend never played tennis. When I gave him a ball he heat it so hard that we have to spend all of our time run and pick up the ball.

The last activity was football. There were lots of people on the field, because the student's who went to the park was back at that time. Also I had a horrible game, the field was wet and also I didn't my soccer shoes from Korea.

It was tired day but I think I had a good time in here.